"Knife Painting 101"

                       — an alternative to the brush,     with water-mixable oils!

Sunday, March 29, 2020, 10am-4 pm

An introduction to painting with a palette knife. Participants will practice technique, and create on or two small paintings, based on images provide by the instructor. ( about 8 different choices)

$110, or $100  (if paid by  March 25)

All materials provided, except canvases. Participants receive two palette knives to take home. 

Also to bring: 2-8x10 or 9x12 canvases or canvasboards, 1-2 cardboard 'trays' to carry paintings, personal apron and plastic gloves if you use them.

You may bring lunch/drink, or go out to get something (café next door).

Coffee is available at Crossroads starting at noon ($1).

An email with more details will be be sent to participants.


To register, to pay, and for questions, please contact instructor

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi 

Checks, cash, and credit cards accepted over the phone

How Do Get All Those GREENS?!

                   —using water-mixable oils






ALL ART SUPPLIES PROVIDED!    $70 (special price)


Mixing more GREENS than you ever imagined, using oil paints that clean up with soap and water. Color theory, with a discussion of hue, value, temperature, intensity—warm, cool, light, dark, subdued, vibrant—and then we paint!

—Just come with an apron, palette knife, and fine-line sharpie (to label your colors)!


Participants walk away with a sheet of all the colors they have mixed, labeled so that later you can reproduce the colors! (and we might just have time to compare our colors with what is really outside!)


You may bring a snack/drink.


Registration and payment is through the Instructor or Stewart Gallery (email).


To register, to pay, and for questions, please contact instructor

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi 

Checks, cash, and credit cards accepted over the phone

Please email me if you have questions or for pricing:

 Workshops Topics:

I am available to do private workshops with 2 or more individuals. Cost is $75 to $150 per person. Contact me for prices and reduction for more students.

The Colors of Art— mixing colors with water-mixable oils (all supplies provided) —4 hours

Neutrals— discovering the beauty of browns, greys, and neutralized colors—4 hours 

Palette Knife 101— using a palette knife to paint landscapes (all materials provided, including 2 knives)—all day

Using a Limited Palette— explore using less colors, and famous limited palettes, like Anders Zorn—all day

The Business of Art— how to get your paintings from under the bed and into the public eye—4 hours

Linear Perspective— understanding and using one-, two-, and three-point perspective—3 hours  

Painting En Plein Air— a one-day introduction to painting outdoors—all day  

Group Presentation Topics: 


Travelling/Painting in Foreign Countries— Getting around, getting permission, meeting the people

Copying Famous Paintings— my experience copying paintings at the VMFA

Enamelling 101— introduction to the terms, processes, and production of enamel work used by Fabergé

A Woman Traveling Alone—adventures of a plein air painter, on her own

The Business of Art— where do you start to get your art into the public eye? A brief overview of actions to take

Water-Mixable Oils—oil paints that mix with water? Impossible! Or is it......

Using a Camera vs. Your Eye—the importance of observational drawing/painting, the pitfalls of using ONLY photos 

Egg Tempera—what it is, how to make your own paint, its use in history and now (also a workshop topic)

Persian Miniatures—background information, history, materials and techniques (also a workshop topic) 

Winter/Early Spring Workshops of 2020

Please contact me for private group workshops, or if you would like to sponsor one.