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An easy 1.5 hour drive from Richmond

Color Mixing—Neutrals!

Sunday, July 9, 2017   10-2 pm, $80 ($75 if registered by July 5)

ALL materials provided, using water-mixable oils (except small panels--see below)!

Crossroads Art Center
2016 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA  23230


You may think of neutrals as being grey, beiges, and dull, but this class will open you up to the beauty and subtly of nuance! Neutrals have a lot of color. They are not just grey; anytime you add a complement to a color, you are neutralizing it. 

We will mix combinations of neutrals on a grid, and you may have time to paint a small painting.

Bring an extra canvas panel (6x8,8x10, 9x12) if you want making a painting after mixing some colors. I'll bring some images for you to use, or you may bring your own.

The Business of Art!

Sunday, July 16, 2017   1-5 pm, $80 ($75 if registered by July 12)

Crossroads Art Center
2016 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA  23230


It is NOT enough to get in a gallery, or to expect a gallery to be the only way to promote your work. YOU must do your share. The practices we will talk about and work on will help you, whether in a gallery or not. 

Part 1: What do you need for gallery shows and exhibits—statements, database of title, dimensions, labels, etc., as well as mailing lists, postcards, business cards, etc. 

Info about getting images together for web and print. Resolution and cropping. 

Part 2: Social Media for artists—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc—getting your name out there will be discussed at length

Putting together a website (a MUST!) is not as difficult as you might think. One page is enough to start with, and you can do it for FREE! 

Sky, Clouds, and Water!

Sunday, July 23, 2017   10-4 pm, $100 ($95 if registered by July 19)

oil or acrylic (bring your own supplies; or +$10 to use my water-mixable oils with brushes, knives I loan you)


(bring lunch/snacks/drinks, or go out for lunch)

Crossroads Art Center
2016 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA  23230

Painting SKY/CLOUDS and WATER in oil and acrylics: Using observation and study, students will create several small studies about painting sky, clouds and water/reflections. Students may use their own painting equipment: brushes or knives, and their own paints (oil or acrylic). We keep a ‘green’ studio, so for an oil medium, please use Gamblin’s Solvent-free Gel, Res-n-gel, or another medium that has no smell. ABSOLUTELY no turpentine or mineral spirits. 

I will have images (my photos), but you may also bring your own, or even make up some! The goal for the day is not necessarily ‘finished’ works. It is all about understanding what you are seeing, and the fun of portraying air and movement. 

Bring small canvas panels—no larger than 9x12. Can also use canvas sheets from a pad (real canvas, not paper).

(+$10) I will bring my water-mixable oils, and you are welcome to use those if you wish. Clean up is soap and water. Use your own knife or brush. 

Using a Limited Palette!

Sunday, July 30, 2017   10-4 pm, $100 ($95 if registered by July 26)

ALL materials provided

Crossroads Art Center
2016 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA  23230


ALMOST all supplies provided. I will provide water-miscible oils, paper towels, and some images. 

YOU bring brushes, palette knives, small canvas boards (6x8, 8x10). 

What does that even mean? In this class we will explore painting with only a few colors, colors used since the Renaissance, and pushing them to their limits. We will also paint small studies based on Anders Zorn’s palette, and a variation of Zorn’s palette. How to get a lot from a little!

You will able to just play with mixing colors based on a grid system, or you may paint an image or two!

contact Linda Hollett-Bazouzi to register:   

contact Linda Hollett-Bazouzi to register:   

contact Linda Hollett-Bazouzi to register:   

contact Linda Hollett-Bazouzi to register:   

Please email me if you have questions or for pricing:

 Workshops Topics:

The Colors of Art— mixing colors with water-mixable oils (all supplies provided) —4 hours

Neutrals— discovering the beauty of browns, greys, and neutralized colors—4 hours 

Palette Knife 101— using a palette knife to paint landscapes (all materials provided, including 2 knives)—all day

Using a Limited Palette— explore using less colors, and famous limited palettes, like Anders Zorn—all day

The Business of Art— how to get your paintings from under the bed and into the public eye—4 hours

Linear Perspective— understanding and using one-, two-, and three-point perspective—3 hours  

Painting en Plein Air— a one-day introduction to painting outdoors—all day  

Group Presentation Topics: 

Copying Famous Paintings— my experience copying paintings at the VMFA

Enamelling 101— introduction to the terms, processes, and production of enamel work used by Fabergé

A Woman Traveling Alone—adventures of a plein air painter, on her own

The Business of Art— where do you start to get your art into the public eye? A brief overview of actions to take

Using a Camera vs. Your Eye—the importance of observational drawing/painting, the pitfalls of using ONLY photos 


2017 Workshops/Presentations: 

Painting Outdoors!—

en plein air painting 101!


Friday, October 13, 2017   9-3 pm, $100

(contact/pay Bay School Community Arts Center)


A working introduction to the ins and outs of painting en plein air (in open air). Made popular by the French Impressionists, this 'direct' painting is useful for making field studies as well as finished plein air pieces. 


A camera can never give you the information on color and space that direct observation does!


The participants will need portable supplies--but you don't need to go out and purchase a lot: a simple a-frame or aluminum frame that can fit in your car, a palette (a lid would be nice for carrying later) you can hold in your hand (or can attach to your easel), a containber to put your tubes of paint in (I will recommend a limited number, but you may carry more) MAYBE a tray to sit things on, a camp stool or folding chair if you need to sit rather than stand, bug spray, sun screen, paper towels, water.