Where's Linda?


Richmond from Rockett's Landing, Clouds Clearing, 8x8", oil on linen

The solution to 'how to carry a wet painting in

my case" was pretty simple:


1) Tape canvas to a piece of cardboard (which I do already, to make it easier to carry)


2) Tape the cardboard down into a shallow box


3) Put the top on!


Now the painting can be safely brought onto the bus, without worrying about accidentally brushing against someone or something—AND, it will fit in my carrier!

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So far I've been to Rockett's Landing, Maggie Walker's monument, the Science Museum, Capital Square, State Library of Virginia, Main Street Station, Broad Street galleries and the ICA (Institute for Contemporary Art).


On July 6, I used Pulse to go to galleries and the ICA for First Friday. It was awesome! No worries about parking, even with rain! And my 30-day pass worked great. To activate it (for the date to begin), all I had to do was tap it on the video screen at the prompt. Now I just keep it ready to show if a monitor or the bus driver asks to check it. Good through August 5!  

You can buy single trip passes, 1-, and 7-day passes at the kiosks. 30-day for seniors must be purchased through RideFinders.


I have posted videos on Facebook.


BREAKING NEWS: I have figured out how to use Pulse to visit the Broad Street galleries, and then use a street bus to go to Main Street to THEIR galleries. Woo-hoo! 

Even though the bus rides are no longer free, I will still be using the bus to ride to various sites, and paint at my destination point! 

Where in Richmond is

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi?

Check in to see where Linda goes to explore and paint Richmond, riding the GRTC bus line.





Sunday, June 24—

1) Linda is going to paint a view of the James River

2) This location is on one of the high points of Richmond on the banks of the James

3) From this spot one can see a curve of the James River

4) In the other direction, one can also see the skyline of Richmond

5) From this area you can ride your bike to Williamsburg

6) Rockett's Landing!


Monday, June 25—

First, Linda will ride the Pulse to the OFFICAL opening and ribbon-cutting at 10am at the Maggie Lena Walker Memorial Plaza at Broad and Adams Streets.

1) Linda is going to a stop on Broad Street, east of the Boulevard

2) This general area is important if you drive in Richmond

3) There are 2 museums right next to each other

4) In this area there was a famous train station

5) This train station was built to handle the troop traffic during WWII

6) This museum is now The Science Museum of Virginia!


Tuesday, June 26—

1) Linda is going to paint at a very historical area

2) This area has an important building on it

3) Near the building (on the grounds) is a monumental statue of an important person in history

4) There is a fountain on the grounds, similar to others in the city

5) From this area one can see the Old and New City Halls

6) The building on this site is white, and was designed by Thomas Jefferson. It is the Virginia State Capital grounds.


Wednesday, June 27—

1) Linda is stopping on Main Street

2) This is a VERY busy area; lots of traffic coming off of I-95

3) At this intersection there was a controversial mural painted after the 2008 elections

4) There was a lot of rail traffic in this area during WWI

5) This is a working train station; recently it had its shed renovated

6) Main Street Station’s clock tower has become an iconic welcome as travelers pass through Richmond on Interstate 95


Thursday, June 28—

1) The first place I will stop is near a statue that caused a bit of a controversy before it went up

2) This statue is of the first female bank president in the United States

3) I will stop by a gallery located in a very quirky hotel,

4) The next stop is near the most recent addition to the galleries, museums, and art businesses in Richmond. Let’s have coffee! 

5) This exhibiting, non-selling art institute has quickly become a cornerstone for Belvedere and Broad Street.

6) Quirk Gallery and the ICA (Institute for Contemporary Art) are important stops for First Fridays (and Thursdays!)