New Works

So, after I spilled coffee and paint all over my sketch, I began.

After I worked all these different versions of the same clump of trees, I walked along the James around Tredegar and Oregon Hill. This inspired another set of paintings....

Trees on Upper Pond 1—Pink and Yellow    $150

Trees on Upper Pond 2—Hazy Morning    $150

Trees on Upper Pond 3—Fog, Brown and Blue   $150

Trees on Upper Pond 4—Autumn Fog    $150

Trees on Upper Pond 5—Moonset  SOLD

Trees on Upper Pond 6—Full Moon à la Hassam     $275

Trees on Upper Pond 7—Full Moon a la Hassam II     $600

Trees on Upper Pond 9—Full Moon and Clouds     $275

Trees on Upper Pond 8—Full Moon à la Bannister    $275

From Oregon Hill—Sunset on the James    $300

From Oregon Hill—Full Moon on the James   $300

From Oregon Hill—Christmas Day on the James    $300

From Oregon Hill—Fog Rising on the James    $300 

From Oregon Hill—Foggy Day on the James from Tredegar     SOLD

Trees on Upper Pond, sketch on site, 2018

Last Works of 2019

First Works of 2020

I did no painting from July to November. I did not feel like it. I did quite a few sketches, but no paintings. I thought a lot of thinking about painting, but did no painting.


There were lots of reasons for this; some practical, some not. 

When I started again, I was working in the same style, but from a different perspective. Instead of painting en plein air, or reproducing photos I had taken, I took a cue from a painting I did last February. I recreated a painting by Edward Bannister, based on a black and white sketch he had done, and using other paintings of his for color rendition. It was very empowering.    More about my work with Bannister

I thought about how I could apply this to my own work, particularly since I had been doing so many sketches. With this in mind, I created multiple versions based on two different sketches. The first was a simple sketch I had done of a stand of trees at the Upper Pond in Bryan Park. I had done several paintings of this view based on photos I had taken, so I was familiar with the subject. 

I wondered...what would happen if I concentrated on creating certain effects, and using the trees only as props upon which to 'hang' those effects...