Brook Run, Edge of Twilight, oil on canvas, 36x36"     SOLD

Alone in the Rain, oil on canvas, 36x36"     SOLD

Brief Studies,  oil on linen, 16x16x1"   $400

My Field...

For about 15 years, I have recorded images of this field, which is a mile from my house. At first I took photos of the sky, which was a clear and unobstructed view from the ground. Only later did I pay attention to what was happening below.  I really began to sit up and take notice when I saw the 'Available' sign go up.

I determined to paint a series of the field and have a show, before it got plowed under.
'Unavailable—Views of a Field Whose Days are Numbered', featured 40 paintings:   24-5x7", 15-14x18", and one 36x36". It was my first solo show.

To date I have painted almost 80 images of that field. Here you see some of my favorites:

Brook Run, Twilight Fog, oil on canvas, 36x36"     SOLD

Miniatures,  oil on canvas panets, 5x7", $250     

The field has still not been sold, and it is completely overgrown.