Main Street Station

Yes—Passengers may take the train from Main Street Station

(actually, since 2003)!

Newly Renovated Main Street Station Train Shed!

What is a train shed? It is "a large structure providing a shelter over the tracks and platforms of a railroad station". This structure has been in place at Main Street Staion since the station opened in 1901, but it was open on the sides to the elements.


Main Street Station went through one major renovation when it became a shopping mall in the 1980s; that is when outside walls were erected. Now, all that is down, and tinted glass opens up the entire view of downtown Richmond and Churchhill to visitors. It is gorgeous, and sure to be a popular site for many events!


In 2003 it was reopened as an active train station, although it is unmanned. To purchase tickets online, see link below.


The station has a parking lot BESIDE the station (between it and 17th Street Farmers' Market), and there is a lot ACROSS Main Street. 

FEES for these two:

First Hour FREE, then $1 per hour, max. $5 per day. Pay at ticket machines.


There are also lots such as those at 15th and Main and LaDiff (15th and Dock Sts). See map for others