"Declaration" is a series of installations by 34 artists about current social issues. Powerful, insightful, disturbing... this is an exhibition not to be missed!


I will adding more descriptions of individual instillations in the future:

Inaugural exhibition: Declaration

now through September 9, 2018

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601 W Broad Street, Richmond, VA   23220   |  804-828-2823


Paid parking beside/behind the building, Lot QQ, enter from Grace Street.

$2/first 2 hours, $1 each hour thereafter. Parking meter, takes cash or credit card 


You can also park on the street. BE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE TIME LIMITS, and look for the ticket terminals to pay!   More info


Don't want to hassle with parking? Take the GRTC PulseLine and get off at the VCU-VUU platform. The ICA is less than two block away! Or, get off at the Arts District stop and walk 3 blocks in the opposite direction. More info

Paul Rucker


A writer, musician (cello), activist, and artist, Paul spoke at a VCU-ICA event in 2017 about his work. This work is a way of processing and owning his feelings about the Ku Klux Klan. Asking for fabric donations to make robes, Paul used official patterns for to make the 50 robes out of camouflage, florals, satin, and Persian brocade (among many others). The manakins are positioned in an ‘X’ formation, reminiscent to the cross formation the men marched in during parades. For the exhibition, they are all positioned to face outwards, so you are facing klansmen regardless of your position as you walk around. He also displays his collection of memorabilia about the Klan: newspaper clippings, membership receipts, booklets and pamphlets. The most chilling is a newspaper folded to a  headline in the Baltimore News “7 Men Burned Alive by Klan, Witness Testifies”.

Betty Thompkins


Betty sent out an email asking people to send her words they had heard or used about women. Her response came from men and women, and in various languages. She put these onto about 1000 various sized canvases, 337 of which are on display at the Institute. The backgrounds are often lacy, abstracts, or images of genitalia. 

Many are quite disturbing, some complementary.

Now showing at the ICA, through Sept 9. FREE!
The Institute is open 10-6 (closed Mondays), open to 9pm during First Fridays, Wednesdays to 8pm.

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