The Senior 30-day pass must be purchased ONLY through GRTC RideFinders. It cannot be purchased at the passes kiosk.

Follow Linda as she rides the bus lines June 24-30 around Richmond, painting sites en plein air.

THIS JUST IN: the first week of the new city system, June 24-30, all rides will be FREE!

Hope on and off as you wish!I am riding free all week--I rode the Pulse Sunday, Willow Lawn to Rockett's Land, painted, ate brunch, and rode back. Easy-peasy. 

Unless you park in a Park-n-Ride, you park at your own risk, so if you drive to a bus stop, be sure you do not park illegally. 

Where in Richmond is

Linda Hollett-Bazouzi?

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All about the new GRTC Routes and Pulse Line—


Schedules, Routes:

Costs, Tickets, Deals:

INFORMATION and phone number for information: 804-358-4782


This new, improved system is designed to first benefit those who already use the buses, by providing "faster, more frequent, and easier routes to take."

FUN FACT: The Richmond bus system has not been updated since 1948. 

Trip Planner:

What is Pulse/BRT?

About 4 or 5 years ago John and I attended a meeting held by Partnership for Smarter Growth at Main Street Station, to present this idea of a new, dedicated bus line to speed up travel from Willow Lawn to Rockett's Landing and the general area, as well as improve bus service in general. It is so exciting to see this vision become reality, and I cannot wait to ride the new bus lines! 
This is part of more effient public transit initiatves going on in 34 other cities all over the United States. 

It was paid for by a combination of federal funding, as well as some state and local funding. 

The Bus Rapid Transit project, or Pulse Line, is that part of the new schedule and stops that will speed up bus transit up and down the Broad Street/Main Street Corridor with new stops and routes, and more frequent pick-ups and drop-offs.
It will run from Willow Lawn to  Rocketts Landing, with stop lights coordinated for speed of travel and safe exit of riders as they leave the stops.

NEW buses for the Pulse line, SAME buses for the impproved city routes.                    

want more details?

The GRTC new transit system will begin officially on June 24, 2018. You can check out schedules and play 'what if'--What if you get on the bus at Willow Lawn and go to the VMFA? Or the ICA? Or from the ICA to the VMFA? Could you use the bus line to move around on First Friday (and wouldn't that be heavenly?)
There are also itinerary planners, for a day trip of going around Richmond. 

check it out!

A one stop ticket is $1.50, but there are so many 'deals'. Stop plus One (using two busses to get to your location within 90 minutes) is $1.75. There are unlimited stops for 1, 7, or 30 days; special pricing for senior citizens (pretty much half off!), students, disabled riders, etc. 

One-day unlimited is $3.50--What a deal!

I think I'm going to purchase a 30-day unlimited pass just to see how much I can see! Also, the passes have partnerships with many restaurants and businesses to give discounts (like admission to the Science Museum is FREE!)

I bought my 30-day pass--the great thing is that it begins when you start to use it, so you can purchase it anytime, then activate by using at your leisure. The 30 days begin when you start using it! If you get a Senior discounted pass, you may purchase it from RideFinders, and also present a driver's license, DMV ID, or Medicare card when you ride the buses. OR you can get a GRTC ID, if you don't want to use your driver's license or Medicare card.

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Play 'What if'...How could you get from the VMFA to the ICA? How long would it take to go from Willow Lawn or Staples Mill Road to Capitol Square? How could you use GRTC to go around for First Friday?

try it!