Greencroft Club

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Black Bird Island, oil, 30x40   $4000

Black Bird Island, Early February, oil, 8x10   $450

Pink Cascade, Chile's Orchard II, oil, 8x10   $450

Blue Ridge Mountains, Eclipse Clouds, oil, 8x10   $450

Outside of Chile's Orchard, Cloudy Day, oil, 7x5   $275

Full Moon, å la Hassam I, oil, 5x7   $275

Path Beside Warm Springs, oil, 6x8   $350

Exhibition at Greencroft Club

575 Rodes Dr  |  Charlottesville, VA  |  22903

March thru June 2022

In the Bar:

In the Event/Dining Room:

In the Alcove:

Evening Silver, St. Ives, Cornwall, oil, 14x18   $700

The Waterfalls at Wadi Al-Rayan,  oil, 10x8   $450

Evening in Cairo from Al-Azhar Park,  oil, 6x8   $350

Reflecting Palms, Al-FAyyoum Oasis,  oil, 6x8   $350

Nighttime on the Nile,  oil, 6x8   $350

North Run at Jefferson Lakeside CC, oil, 30x40   $4000

Egyptian Desert Sunrise, Behind the Sphinx, oil, 24x36   $2750

Egyptian Desert Sunrise, Next to the Sphinx, oil, 24x36   $2750

Lean on Me, at Walkerton Tavern, oil, 24x36   $2750

Wild Grass Field, LGBG I, oil, 14x18   $700

View of the Shenandoah Valley II,  oil, 12x16   $675

Entrance to Belmont, Washington Street, oil, 14x18   $700

Full Moon å la Hassam II, oil, 11x14   $600

In Front of Old Main, Miller School, oil, 14x11   $600

Impossible, View from Sunset Beach, oil, 24x24   $850

Cotton Candy, Maymont, oil, 24x24   $850

Cloud Reflections, Key West IV, oil, 24x24   $850