The Heart Trees, Yacht Haven Marina, oil on canvas, 8x10,   $400

The Village Trade Center, and Lulu Belle’soil on canvas, 11x14" $500

After the Downpour, York River, oil on canvas, 8x10"  $450

Villa Borghese, Rome, oil on canvas, 8x8"  $375

Impossible, Key West, oil on canvas, 24x24",  $875

Watching Over Us All, Firetower on Rt 17, oil on canvas, 11x14" $600

Super Moon Rising over Haw's Shop II, oil on canvas, 8x10"    $200 reserve

Moon over the Maury River, oil on canvas, 8x10"  

(same frame as "Super Moon Rising over Haw's Shop II")  $$225 reserve

Silver Water #1, oil on canvas, 6x8"    $50 room

38 paintings!

Jan 24 through March 29, 2020

10286 Brook Road

Glen Allen, VA  23059

What We Love...

February 7-29, 2020

Invited artists were asked to submit up to 4 of their favorite works for one of the last shows at Stewart Gallery.

Stewart Gallery

6655 Main St

Gloucester, VA  23061

Opening: Fri, Feb 22 6-9pm

Live Auction: Sat Mar 14, 6:30-10pm

Silver Water #3, oil on canvas, 8x6"    $50 room

Works at Verena

Verena at the Glen

Fundraiser for ArtSpace

Parking for visiting opening night...   click here


Feb 28 -Mar 22, 2020

ArtSpace Richmond

Entrance: Zero E. 4th St, or 31 E. 3rd St    Richmond, VA    23224