Sherwin Williams' Aesthetic White vs. Alabaster White. I went with Alabaster, and I am thrilled with the results. 

The Waterfalls at Wadi Al-Ryan, oil on canvas, 10x8"   $450

Painting my gallery space at Crossroads Art Center!

The Pillar of Pompey, oil on canvas, 8x10"   $450

When Will It Come? Katwijk, Netherlands, oil on canvas, 8x10"   $450

Painting in the Rain, Blackstone, oil on canvas, 8x10"   $450

Ev'nfall, Sunset Beach, Key West, oil on canvas, 8x10"   $450

Calm Green Sea, Holland, oil on panel, 5x7"   $275

Sunset Reflections, Key West, oil on canvas, 24x24"   $975

Impossible, Key West, oil on canvas, 24x24"   $975

Cloud Reflections IV, Key West, oil on canvas, 24x24"   $975

Courtyard, Wikalet Bazara'h, oil on canvas, 36x24"   $2700

Wikalet, Dragon Tree in the Courtyard, oil on canvas, 36x12"   $795

Egyptian Desert Sunrise, East, Behind the Sphinx, oil on canvas, 24x36"   $2300

Egyptian Desert Sunrise, West, oil on canvas, 24x36"   $2300

Violet Storm III, Key West, oil on canvas, 24x48"   $3300

Paintings done from travels to Key West, the Netherlands, Egypt, and Virginia.

"Around the World and Close to Home"

September 10-October 25, 2019 

VCU-MCV Hospital, E. Marshall St.