St. Ives Harbor at Night, oil on canvas, 12x16" $575

Summer Haze and Crape Myrtle,
oil on panel, 6x6"  $275

Glave Kocen Gallery

1620 W. Main Street

Richmond, VA   23220

(804) 358-1990

Hollett-Bazouzi, Upham Creek, Long and Gray,  oil on canvas, 7x5",   $275

Buckroe Beach Today, oil on canvas,11x14" $500

Hollett-Bazouzi, Snow on Pass Run, Luray,  oil on canvas, 8x8",   SOLD

"Where I Come From—Defining Moments"     

Glavé Kocen Gallery  "Size Doesn't Matter"

Gallery Flux

307B England Street 

Ashland, VA   23005

(804) 752-3540

Gallery Flux   "Snow—Stillness Covers the Land"