18x24" in 2 hours. Concentrating on speed, but also a different light. The island looks very different at 4 pm. 

The questions and the banter from passing pedestrians while I was in training I was used to—

the bugs slamming into my canvas from the wind gusts, my hat being blown into my palette, and a dog urinating on my hand truck, not so much...


1296 sq inches in 4.5 hours. BAM! If I can do this, then completing the 30x40 (1200 sq inches) canvas, is DEFINITELY doable. As a side note, I tried some new paint colors—I don't think they will work for the paint-off, but I definitely liked them for this painting!  SO glad I tried them out. 

8x10" in 1.5 hours. Not about speed, more about getting familiar with possible sites and terrain.

Dominion Riverrock:  


May 20, 12-4pm


In partnership with Glave Kocen Gallery and Matt Lively 


It was an honor to be with such amazing artists: Matt Lively, Andras Bality, Amy Smith, Nico Carthcart, Ed Trask, Vinnie Gonzalez, Mickael Broth, Greig Leach, Hamilton Glass, and Linda Hollett-Bazouzi

10 artists, 1200 sq inches (each), 4 hours, and thousands of spectators.  No pressure...



My training plan...

Black Bird Island, 30x40", oil on canvas,   $2700 

This painting is available at


Glave Kocen Gallery


through July 21, 2017


50% of the sales will go to benefit Venture Richmond and Sports Backers. There are 10 paintings by the 10 artists available from this event.

A perfect day: excellent planning, no rain, a personal assistant, great crowds, and terrific camaraderie! I was told I am "an elegant trash talker"—I'll take it!  Great, great fun!

Thanks to Sports Backers, Venture Richmond, Glavé Kocen Gallery, and Matt Lively for seeing this through to the excellent end!