Week 6 of Social Distancing

Monday, April 20:

No lesson

Enjoy being one of the first to see my new studio at the Schoolhouse at Artisan Hill (aka Fulton Hill)!

Easter Monday (Orthdox), taking a break!

In 2014 I travelled to Prout's Neck, Maine, and did a great little sketch of the Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse...1.5 hours

Week 7 of Social Distancing

Monday, April 27:

No lesson

Wycinanki (vee-chi-NAN-kee) 

Polish paper-cutting

--Tree of Life!

Wycinanki (vee-chi-NAN-kee)

Polish paper-cutting


I will no longer be doing Monday lessons

Week 8 of Social Distancing

Wednesday, May 6

had to cancel for personal reasons. 

painting 'en plein air' (auh plen air)--

Literally, 'in open air'. Painting landscapes while outside 

Week 9 of Social Distancing

What is a hue? Do red and blue REALLY make purple? How can I make black without black? What about brown? 

Making greens with blues and yellows, sure...but what about cool and warm reds? What does that do to the colors?

More info on painting en plein air.

Week 10 of Social Distancing

Friday, May 22:

Had to cancel--work being done in the studio!

What are water-mixable oils, how are they alike/different from 'regular' oils? Advantages, disadvantages

Art Lessons for

Kids and the Young at Heart

Live video on

Facebook (most about 35 minutes)

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

at 1:00 pm EDT

Do they really look like lollipops? How do the grow? Do I have to draw every little branch?

Size, color, placement, detail, value. They all help create a sense of distance in a painting.

Linear Perspective: first steps in understanding how buildings, roads, etc, disappear into the distance.

Week 4 of Social Distancing

Week 5 of Social Distancing

Monday, April 13:

No lesson

Easter Monday, taking a break!

Linear Perspective: Step-by-step project to use linear perspective with buildings and roads.

The eastern Orthodox Easter ins April 19!

Learn how these fascinating eggs are made, and their designs

Week 3 of Social Distancing

Week 2 of Social Distancing

Week 1 of Social Distancing

Easy fold-and-cut directions to make a 3 dimensional house out of paper.

EASY 2 dimensional house that has a 'hidden' attic. What might you find in it that does not normally belong there?

A journal is a record. Nature journaling records what you find in nature--sketches, notes.

A rabbit, and a snowflake (so, some cutting involved). Origami AND kirigami.

Easy sailboat, and a cup (the cup works, until it falls apart)...

Origami is not very hard, when you begin with something simple, like this swan!

It's Saint Patrick's Day, a story of gold found and lost!

What is a shamrock? Folding a cutting paper to make shamrocks and hearts.

Folding and cutting a string of paperdolls--a staple of my childhood!

Week 12 of Social Distancing

No classes this week

Week 11 of Social Distancing

Friday, May 29:

Egg Tempera--

With real eggs!

How do you pronounce it? How is it different from watercolors, why would I use it?

The video was fine, the audio was horrible. I have decided not to post it, and will try to do another one later.